The good people that share our vision

Our sponsors are people and companies that believe, like us, in the infinite promise of Space and of the Space Elevator, and would like to assist its development and be associated with it.

The Space Elevator project is the ultimate in spirit of adventure and achievement. It is "the green way to go to space" - a novel approach offering to open up a new and infinite frontier for all of man kind. Being associated with our programs offers your company a chance to grab some of this image, along with an educational and competitive image of local home-town teams striving to do their best using ingenuity and hard work.

Armed with a total prize purse of $1,800,000 for the 2008 events (provided by NASA), we are now looking to take our corporate sponsorship to the next level. The competitions will generate unique and spectacular imagery (nobody has seen a real working Space Elevator before!), and present our sponsors with the opportunity to be associated with the next big thing.

We are a public funds non-profit organization, so your contribution is fully deductible.


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